“The realization set in when I sat and watched the video footage and it was just heart dropping,” said Jason Dempsey. “You look at somebody walk into your yard and take your vehicles and you know it’s just very scary having a family here and how close they were to our kids and I mean that’s the scariest part about it.”The suspects have flashlights and appear to wander around the neighborhood for about 20 minutes before taking off with the Dempsey vehicles.Alison Dempsey says they also had golf clubs, a YETI cooler, a stroller and a designer pair of sunglasses in the car. In addition, she says the suspects took her husband’s debit card and used it to buy about $130 worth of items and/or gas at a Prichard gas station that morning.”All materialistic things can be replaced, I’m glad we are okay, nobody tried to come in our home and the things that really matter our family and everyone’s okay,” said Alison Dempsey.According to the police reports, the keys were left in the vehicles.

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